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A new breakthrough treatment for post-traumatic stress.


We are excited to be one of the first coaching consultancies in Great Britain to offer the transformative Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories technique. 

This highly specialised coaching utilises the Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories technique. The gentle and rapid tool deals with acute stress response symptoms such as panic attacks, stage fright, night terrors, heightened anxiety, flashbacks, anger, acute stress and difficulty in concentration. We support individuals with Post-Traumatic Stress symptoms caused by any circumstances which may include road traffic accidents, sexual harassment, assault, witnessing death or violence, emotional abuse, shock or trauma from the COVID-19  pandemic.


The tool is highly effective, scientifically tested, over 90 % effective at remitting PTSD symptoms and uses no drugs. It can be completed in less than five hours and is non-traumatic. Highly effective at removing acute stress response symptoms, which can have a significant impact on your day-to-day life, the RTM technique stands alone or can be incorporated into a coaching programme. Whatever your purpose you will be supported every step of the way. 

"Excellence is not a destination; it is a continuous journey that never ends"

Brian Tracy

Testimonial March 2020


Hi my name is Grace, I was diagnosed with PTSD 15 years ago. Since then, I have had to retire early because of this, I have undertaken many forms of therapy including hypnotherapy and CBT. One of the long-term effects of the PTSD was that I have withdrawn significantly from social aspects of life, mainly not going out unless I was with someone else. One of the most significant aspects of my life that was affected was the inability to drive in wet weather or be a passenger in a car without my anxiety levels becoming excessive. This impacted on the potential for employment and daily living.

I was introduced to the RTM Protocol by my sister who knew of Phillippa at Fresh Air Coaching and as the PTSD was continuing to cause problems, I made the decision to undertake the treatment. 

The experience was fascinating to me, I was sure that I had moved on significantly from the event but found that I had "stored" it only to raise the impact again under very safe and controlled RTM Protocol procedures. 

I found that Phillippa was fully aware of my responses and managed my feelings/responses in a professional manner. The treatment was undertaken through Zoom as we live a significant distance away, it was initially difficult to get my head round therapy via the internet, however once settled I was able to work with Phillippa at my speed. 


What shocked and delighted me was the speed of recovery, I have used the two weeks since my treatment to drive over 500 miles, I have driven in some extremely poor weather and have been a passenger, I have found that I have no fear when the rain starts / driving, which had been a constant stressor since the assault. 

This is a kind process to go through, you touch on the event that traumatised you, but it is not regurgitated as in most other therapies. I would recommend that anyone who has ongoing effects of trauma gives the RTM Protocol a chance, it has in just speaking twice removed the ties that bound me to a life that felt unsafe and frightening at times to one where I can do what I need and would like to do for my personal wellbeing. 

I can recommend Phillippa as a safe and caring therapist who will support, engage and take you through this process.

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