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Coaching is a process that facilitates growth, improvement and mastery.


It is one of the most effective tools to help individuals and businesses thrive. Coaching embraces the belief that the individual or team has the answers within; the coach is the key to unlocking potential. 


"My confidence and understanding of how to present effectively has increased substantially"

Jacqui Burrows

Estimating Manager, GallifordTry


Executive coaching is for the executive, leader, entrepreneur or industry disruptor. 

We appreciate that as a senior leader you may not always have someone to be an independent critical friend. This is where coaching can help. As your coach we will help you develop new insights and greater self-awareness. We will stimulate your thinking to gain new perspectives, encourage creativity and promote deep and honest reflection. We do this by asking effective, challenging and sometimes uncomfortable questions; we ask them skilfully and always with the aim of helping you achieve your outcomes. 

The coaching is delivered through artful conversation and within a confidential relationship. We are particularly skilled at working with public-facing figures and high-profile individuals. Described as a ‘secret ingredient’, the combination of executive coaching, presentation and media training has proved to be invaluable for our clients. 


We work with professionals seeking to build worthwhile fulfilling careers. Career coaching supports individuals to create pragmatic strategies to achieve intellectually, emotionally and financially rewarding work. We will help you to manage your career proactively whether you are well-established, a recent graduate, designing your exit strategy or succession planning. 


Working with Phillippa has been exactly the kind of support and kickstart I needed at the start of my qualifying year as an architect. The impact on my confidence, mindset, approach to work and things that I enjoy has been immense. You will find me quoting or paraphrasing many things that we have learnt during our coaching sessions with Phillippa. ‘Remember when Phillippa said this...’.  ‘Oh, that reminds me of one of Phillippa’s sessions on…’.  Sometimes my excitement and eagerness get the better of me! I still remember the business development session we had around the time I completed my final part 3 exam/interview. It spurred me into thinking beyond project work and how I can bring in leads or awareness of the practice through non work activities. I founded an event program for Muslim women, have taken part in school career events, and mentored younger women and students from KS3 to university. At work I have become part of the social media team, an outcome directly related to a presentation I created for one the sessions about presentation / communication skills. I believe my proactiveness, resulting promotion to Associate, and delivery of project work have been a result of an improved ‘just do it’ mindset and confidence gained from Fresh Air Coaching.


Sadiqa Jabbar, Associate Architect, MEB Design


We offer coaching supervision for newly qualified, experienced coaches or coaches in training. All our supervisors are specifically trained with a track record in coaching and mentoring; many have specialised areas of interest so you will always be matched with the most appropriate supervisor for your needs and personality. 


We offer a range of consultancy and guidance around embedding emotional intelligence and coaching into organisational life.

Our support focusses on awareness and growth at the level of vision, mission, identity and spirit. Through a range of skills acquired from the worlds of sport, performance psychology, broadcasting, neuro linguistic programming and coaching we provide a range of experiences to transform your organisation. 

We have significant experience of working with C-suite executives, leading industry professionals and with organisational change. 


We provide assessment tools to assist with our coaching provision. The results help to:

  • increase self-awareness

  • highlight motivational strengths 

  • inform team selection 

  • instigate conversations around individual differences, creativity and direction

  • enhance leadership development programmes 

  • shape emotional intelligence interventions

  • expand understanding of an organisation's culture

We use the following tools: 



The Inventory for Work Attitude & Motivation (iWAM) is a questionnaire used for job-related activities, such as recruitment, coaching and training projects. It is based on metaprograms, a model of cognitive thinking styles - 48 parameters are measured and explained.

The iWAM Management Report identifies a person’s motivational and attitude preferences in the job context and predicts how this person will behave in various job types, such as administrative, customer contact or managerial tasks. The iWAM Attitude Sorter predicts key motivational preferences and development areas.





The Cultural Orientations Framework (COF) facilitates the understanding of salient cultural characteristics for individuals, teams and organisations.

It measures 17 dimensions, allowing us to become aware of our inevitable biases - how we communicate, think, manage time, organise ourselves, deal with power and responsibility, and to go beyond potentially limiting norms, values and beliefs.  


The COF’s underlying dynamic and inclusive view of culture enables us to build unity in diversity by leveraging cultural differences. It is an ideal tool for individual coaching, leadership development, intercultural training, team coaching and organisational cultural audits.



Team Connect 360


The Team Connect 360 feedback process generates new and invaluable insights into your team profile, addressing both internal dynamic and external relationships with stakeholders.


Your team’s perceptions are compared with views of your Primary Stakeholder as well as other stakeholders. The results are profiled against the five disciplines of team effectiveness, indicating how the team and its different stakeholders perceive its relative operating strengths and limitations.


These 360 reports are especially powerful with interventions designed through systemic team coaching.

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