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At Fresh Air we have a fantastic team of coaches and trainers,

hand-picked for their talent, experience and integrity. Our team are all engaging individuals and charismatic presenters with specialist skills, industry and life experience. They get amazing results.

As well as holding relevant industry qualifications and having specialist expertise, all our people will have received Fresh Air training and undergo regular supervision with senior coach mentors.

This ensures that while retaining each coach's uniqueness and specialism there is consistency of professionalism, delivery and cohesive commitment to our values.

Phillippa has made the study of human performance her lifetime’s work. She holds a BA and MSc. Degree, is a Master Practitioner and certified trainer of NLP with specialist certification on the field of coaching, Practioner in Neuro Hypnotic Reprogramming and Master Practitioner in Time Line.  She holds an advanced certificate in professional coaching and a diploma in coaching and NLP supervision, is an Association of Coaching Master Executive Coach and an International Coaching Federation Professional Certified Coach. Phillippa is the first coach in the UK to be qualified to practice the breakthrough Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories technique for treating Post Traumatic Stress symptoms.  She is the principal coach at Fresh Air. 

Throughout her life she has watched “what makes things happen” and how people get the results they want. She is continually testing theories and techniques and pushing boundaries to find new ways to develop and share her experiences.


Phillippa studied Human Performance in sport, dance and art at St. John’s College York and then Sport Science and Performance Psychology at Loughborough University. Putting the theory into practice, along with a lot of training, she competed at Sprint hurdles for the South of England and for Great Britain in Bobsleigh. After lecturing in Sport Psychology and Coaching at Manchester Metropolitan University and writing for the Sunday Telegraph, she made the jump into full time broadcasting. Presenting network television for GMTV and the BBC gave Phillippa another arena in which to study how people become high achievers in this very competitive field. Phillippa still presents and voices corporate videos and training materials.

Phillippa is a highly acclaimed inspirational speaker.  She delivers engaging, memorable and informative keynote and after dinner speeches, often drawing on her own experiences in sport, broadcasting and the corporate world.  She shares insights and powerful stories with humility and humour. 



Popular speaking themes include: 


  • Influencing elegantly

  • Managing the asset within

  • Design your own interior

  • Kindness in leadership

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Lessons from life

  • Self-awareness and reading others 

Phillippa is continually updating her knowledge by attending conferences and Master classes with the best trainers in the world.


She has been described by others as fun loving, committed and able to cope in a crisis; she describes herself as curious, creative and tenacious.



Sally is an exceptional coach who elegantly combines a natural flair for coaching with academic robustness. As well as being one of the team here at Fresh Air Coaching Sally is the course director of the Certificate in coaching at the University of Cambridge which demonstrates her commitment to coaching and is assurance that her coaching is informed by current research and best practice. Sally has a particular interest in working with women in or aspiring to senior leadership roles, she is qualified and experienced in personal performance, career, executive and team coaching, and equally at home coaching leadership teams or working with individual leaders. 

Sally is a member of the Association for CoachingEuropean Mentoring and Coaching Council, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and her coaching adheres to the Global Code of Ethics.

1113Jeremy Lazarus left High res.jpg


Jeremy is an accomplished coach and compelling trainer. 


Drawing on his experience as a senior finance professional, management consultant and semi-professional footballer he enriches our provision here at Fresh Air Coaching - achieving astonishing results with those he works with. At the forefront of coach education in the UK Jeremy is well placed to qualify our clients. He is an accredited Master Executive Coach, ILM Approved Coach Trainer and a Certified NLP Master Trainer. He is also a qualified accountant and corporate treasurer, has worked in the city in the investment management industry and was Finance Director of YO! Sushi. 


Jeremy works with blue chips, SMEs, NHS Trusts, charities and elite athletes. He is a guest lecturer at UK universities, has written four best-selling books and is a very keen tennis player.

Julia scott.jpg


Julia is an experienced business and marketing professional providing executive and marketing support to Phillippa and the team.   She brings a fun, organised and caring approach to her work and has a special interest in mentoring.  She gains her energy from working with and providing help and support to the team and liaising with clients.   Her position also entails driving business growth, developing and executing marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness and thought leadership to new and existing clients. 



Graeme is an aviation and television professional and expert trainer of Human Factors. He supports our presentation provision for clients and contributes to our training programme content and delivery.  Graeme is a great addition to the team here at Fresh Air Coaching, he is both a commercial pilot and television director and uses his experience and expertise from both professions to enhance the performance of teams. Graeme’s creative energy, attention to detail as well as numerous fascinating anecdotes from his career make him an extremely engaging as well as a highly informed trainer. 

Graeme is a Crew Resource Management Trainer, and a UK CAA registered Aircrew Security Trainer, rated outstanding.  Graeme is also an award-winning television director and aerial photographer. His credits include Through the Keyhole, Winner Takes All, Countdown and Landscape Artist of the Year.

"Highly recommended. Phillippa engaged the team from the very start and maintained enthusiasm throughout. The coaching really makes you stop and think about your style."

Charlotte Henney

Personal Assistant to Robin Partington, Partington Architects




Our insatiable curiosity for human behaviour keeps us vibrant, informed and inspired. Engage in a conversation with us and  we are sure to evoke these qualities in you.

From the design of our offices to the way we think, we immerse ourselves in creativity. We have the freedom to explore new ways of doing things and enjoy the fruits of invention.


While styles, tastes and purpose vary, we strive to maintain elegance in all that we do. We believe that all communication can be delivered beautifully and appropriately and so provide our clients with the tools to express themselves elegantly too.


An absolute must! Here at Fresh Air fun is in our job descriptions and assessed in our performance reviews…need we say more!


Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” We believe that less blame and more compassion would go a long way to making this world an even more amazing place to be.


We experience our life and work as an adventure full of exploration, enterprise and challenge. We have developed through taking risks and embracing the future.


We value wisdom and consider feedback a gift. By watching, listening and responding sensitively there is rarely a difference between our desired results and actual results.


Being thankful puts us in the right state to tackle almost anything. We are constantly grateful for the abundance we enjoy.


Both an attitude and an action; from awareness of our abundance, being generous is easy.


We keep our promises and we walk our talk. Our coaching and teaching is not just for others: we know it works so we practice what we teach and aspire to be authentic role models for those who engage with us.

performance and development coaching and consultancy

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